We are Tosmac Vietnam japanese style sales promotion company


With around 50 years of experience in producing Store Promotion Tool in Japan, TOSMAC Vietnam have provided promotional support to various industry and witnessed “Change in Buying Behavior” of consumer. We always concern about “result of purchasing” in the way to deal with the diversity of stores and solve many challenges in Marketing Activities.



It is said that approximately 70% of purchasing decisions to be made at shop, that’s why in-store promotion has become one of the most important issues today.
We understand the importance of customer insight and communicate with consumer’s daily activities to catch their psychology in shopping.


We always try to catch the thought and feeling of customer when they are shopping, and evoke the mutual communication to change the behavior of customer.

Market Research
& Marketing Activities

Basing on result of marketing research and marketing analyses such as Monitor questionnaires, TOSMAC Vietnam conduct survey on characteristics and design trend for each product and brand.
We make more effective plan by identifying sales promotion problem, selecting communication theme and providing the high level of satisfaction of promotion experience to consumer.
In addition, we flexibly deal with the development of the connection and separation in mass communication.

Planning Operation
Management for Event Campaign

Our job is not only conveying the message, but also making the goal of changing human behavior. Since brands confront many problems and background, we make plan with impartial thought to focus on how to solve problem immediately and create scenario that generate the action of buying.
Besides that, regarding to creativeness, we also enhance behavioral changes by using messages and design which are corresponding to the relationship between the target and brand.

WEB Application
& Development

Digitization of communication has a significant impact on the purchasing human behavior. By effectively utilizing digital measure, we can solve the challenges of maximizing brand approach and purchasing evocation, at the same time we improve brand engagement problem.